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The Falcons' Ideal Offensive Play Calling

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Fact: this guy is better than JPW
Fact: this guy is better than JPW

Quick discussion post for y'all. Hooray!

We talked earlier this week about the role of play action passes in the Falcons' offense. They're important. Meanwhile, the Falcohol-chugging masses have demanded more deep balls and screen passes in 2012; an understandable request. Long story short, as Falcons fans, we all have something in mind. We have a best case scenario. While the bottom line is winning, each of us has an opinion about how to make that happen. Koetter has an opinion too. Hopefully he's right.

My preference? Evolution. I respect Smitty's run-first mentality, but I hope we run a lot less in 2012. I'd like us to run about 15 percent less. Ideally we'd replace those running plays with screen passes and some passes down the field.

And now it's your turn. Explain your preference in the comments below. And don't be shy; feel free to disagree with what Koetter has suggested will or should happen.