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Who Will Return for the Falcons in 2012?

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Fact: this guy isn't our returner anymore
Fact: this guy isn't our returner anymore

Quick discussion post for y'all. And it's a doozie!

Returner is an important position in this league. Even with the revised kickoff rule, botched balls are unacceptable. You can't just throw anyone back there. Next to the offensive line, returner is the biggest question mark on the roster.

To be honest, I'm not sure how the coaching staff will sort this one out. They could go in several directions. Here are the candidates:

Cody Pearcy

He's tiny. At 160 pounds, there are some obvious concerns about his durability. But he's explosive and very fast. With (1) a 4.3 40 and (2) his reputation as a gamer, the kid has a shot.

Michael Calvin

Freakish athleticism and great size. Oh and he has 4.3 speed. He could be a special teams guru, notwithstanding his deficiencies as a receiver.

Dominique Franks

He finished last year on a high note, notching four passes defensed while Brent Grimes was injured. At this point, he's a better corner than Chris Owens. I have some concerns about him returning and risking injury, though he's filled that role before. The Falcons had faith in his returning abilities as a rookie, why wouldn't they now?

James Rodgers

Returned balls at Oregon State. Mediocre speed but shiftiness runs in the Rodgers blood.

Harry Douglas

Returned balls as a rookie, including a 61 yard punt return for a TD. As with Franks, I have some serious reservations about him returning the ball. While his career has been underwhelming, he's had flashes of brilliance. Injury concerns have plagued him, and having him return balls would seemingly exacerbate that problem.

Kenny Stafford

Another receiver with great size and good speed. And he's Cris Carter's nephew!

Samuel David Baker

Good size. Below-average speed. Questionable footwork. Say hello to Eric Weems' replacement!

My personal preference? Rodgers or Pearcy. Calvin and Stafford are just too tall. And we can't risk injuries to Douglas or Franks.

Cast your vote and explain your choice in the comments!