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Falcons Receivers Impress at Minicamp

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Fact: Duece don't play - he will end you
Fact: Duece don't play - he will end you

Apparently our WRs were eating their Wheaties this winter. Jones, White, and Meier didn't waste any time today. They came out aggressive, making plays like it's their job. Oh wait. It is.

To be honest, the video I linked to above is more-or-less promotional. But they do look solid. And really, I'd hope they're motivated. Meier knows that his value clock is ticking. With the influx of UDFA talent at WR, he needs to impress. Jones and White aren't happy about the how last season concluded. It appears they're committed to doing something about it.

It's good to know that we're evolving. Our WRs are improving. Matt Ryan is improving. The offense is improving. This is a pass-happy, demanding league; we can afford to be stagnant. I for one am very excited.

Anyone witness this personally? If so, we'd love to hear from you in the comments. Even if you didn't see it personally, share your impressions. Ready? Set? Go!