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Kerry Meier, Lord Of Versatility

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There's a hard-and-fast rule of thumb for today's NFL: If you're not a great player, you damn well better be a versatile one.

Kerry Meier has taken that rule to heart. After an injury cost him his rookie season and his 2011 was spent primarily on special teams and as a fourth receiver, Meier seems to have settled into that role for the foreseeable future. But he also sees further opportunity, and it's hard to blame him.

With the more creative offense we all hope Dirk Koetter is installing, Meier ought to be able to occasionally chip in for gadget plays at quarterback, out of the backfield and potentially even as an incredibly undersized tight end. There's not going to be a lot of plays left for him, given the plethora of playmakers on this team, but Meier knows that teams love to have a guy who can do it all.

Every NFL team needs that. Meier's a valuable special teamer, and fourth receivers who don't play special teams are basically useless to your average NFL team. The fact that he appears to be fully healthy and could step in at wide receiver in the case of an injury bodes well for him making the final roster.

Daniel Cox's piece on Meier is worth reading. What do you think of his 2012 outlook?