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Making Moves: Falcons Sign Kicker Erik Folk

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Fact: this kick wasn't blocked
Fact: this kick wasn't blocked

Big news! Read this story if you haven't already. We have a new kicker. And his brother plays in the NFL.

Erik Folk played at Washington. He served as the Huskies’ No. 1 placekicker in every game over the past three seasons and earned honorable mention Academic All-Pac-12 last season.

He finished his career 124-for-124 on career PAT attempts, the best perfect total in Washington history (next best is Mike Lansford, 73-for-73).

If you're like me, then you're absolutely thrilled by this addition. Sure, Matt Bryant is a consistent, dependable veteran. And sure, veteran mini-camp is right around the corner. But if this isn't newsworthy, then Dave's middle name isn't Francisco.

Folk comes from a kicker family, whatever that means. They kick stuff. Hard. If I had to guess, Folk will be a mainstay on the roster for two, maybe even three weeks. He's sure to contribute.

I'm sure you all want to discuss this roster addition. So feel free to do so in the comments. Contract specifics are not yet known. But rest assured folks. You get what you pay for. And if we have to throw some major mullah at Folk, it's money well spent.

Edit: Did not realize Dave had already posted about this. But let's be honest, this is a roster addition worth discussing in multiple posts. No complaints. I mean it.