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Falcons Sign Undrafted Kicker Erik Folk

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Hey, the kid's got good bloodlines.

The Falcons are adding a camp leg and a potential prospect for down the road in Erik Folk, younger brother of Jets kicker Nick Folk. The elder folk holds a career 77.8% mark over five seasons, and was downright elite for his first two in Dallas, making 84% and 91% of his tries those two years.

That doesn't tell us much about his brother, so I'll try to fill in the gap. According to scouting reports, Folk is a pretty consistent kicker with a strong leg. He whiffed on three key kicks last year, but went 36-44 (82%) overall in his college career.

At worst, he's a camp body and a guy the Falcons can use to take a load off Matt Bryant, who isn't getting any younger and needs to be ready and healthy for game action. At best, maybe he's a guy they stash on the practice squad or keep on their call list if they're in need of a kicker down the line.

Your thoughts on Folk?