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Thomas Decoud's 2012 is VERY Important

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Fact: Decoud is excited about 2012
Fact: Decoud is excited about 2012

Haven't talked about Decoud much lately. In fact, he's flown under the radar for various reasons this off-season. According to Daniel Cox, he's starting to adopt a veteran persona. Read this if you haven't already.

Granted, stories like these are all over the place this time of year. Player X is healthy for the first time ever! Player Y adopted a new off-season regimen! Dave speaks Japanese! It's a little redundant. But let's put that aside for a moment.

Back in May at the rookie minicamp, secondary coach Tim Lewis said one of the goals for DeCoud this season was to continue to help ensure everyone is lined up correctly, but to do it quicker. Doing it quicker, to Lewis, would allow DeCoud to see the ball quicker and make more plays on the ball.

With the addition of Asante Samuel at cornerback, DeCoud thinks a simplified approach will enable him and his secondary mates to get lined up quickly. He considers the opportunities endless.

Simple is better - that's the the gist of it. We as a fanbase are hot and cold about Decoud. We were optimistic following his 2010 campaign; then 2011 happened. I think we can all agree we need him to play well. There's no getting around that. We are woefully thin at safety, so if he can't produce, then we're in trouble. I don't expect him to pick off 10 balls, but I'd like him to get involved and stay involved.

What are your thoughts? Discuss!