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Ray Edwards 4 Life

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Fact: Ray Edwards arms are wider than my thighs
Fact: Ray Edwards arms are wider than my thighs

Not really. But I do wonder if we've judged him prematurely. Daniel Cox wonders the same.

Edwards joined the Falcons within a few days of training camp starting after the lockout wiped all offseason activities off the schedule. A knee surgery during the offseason and rehab on his own set him back before he was even able to begin with his new team.

Admit it or not, the injury was real. And he played through it. That's to his credit. Some folks - I won't name names - can't seem to acknowledge that he wasn't 100 percent last year. But it looks like we won't need to worry about that going forward.

From all accounts, he's healthy. Even if his Minnesota teammates made him look better than he really is, it's not like there's no other talent along our defensive front. Babs, Abe, and Peters will ensure he doesn't see double teams all season.

Interestingly, he mentions the defensive end drop backs BVG made famous. Apparently Edwards is thrilled he won't be in coverage every other snap. Not going to lie, that thrills me too. Nolan's defense is more similar to one he thrived in during his tenure as a Viking.

What do y'all think? Are we not giving Edwards a fair shake? Methinks we aren't. Discuss!