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Labor Dispute Affected Julio Jones' Progression

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Fact: you don't mess with El Julio
Fact: you don't mess with El Julio

From a chemistry standpoint, this argument makes some sense. No OTAs. No minicamp. An abridged training camp. No working with the coaches.

it really wasn't a recipe for success.

"Last year, they just threw me in the fire and said ‘Matt, throw Julio the ball,’" Jones said after a recent workout. "It was hard to have that timing. I’m a little faster [than other receivers]. Now, just working on that each and every day we’re getting better in the offense."

Julio goes on to say that this off-season versus the last is like "night and day" - that means it's very different. Different is good, especially when it's from his perspective. In other words, what's good for Julio is good for me.

Let's not get this twisted, Julio had a great rookie campaign. He thrived notwithstanding an atypical off-season. We can thank Bama for that. They run a pro-style offense. And their athletes are expected to act like professionals.

What do y'all think? Given the "normal" off-season, will Julio's progression be off the charts? Discuss!