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Breakout Season for Jacquizz Rodgers Ahead?

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Fact: he's as small as he looks
Fact: he's as small as he looks

When the Falcons drafted the diminutive Rodgers, some Falcons fans were concerned. And really, that concern was justifiable. One year later, our expectations are considerably different. We expect him to contribute, and we hope that his progression will continue. Apparently we're not the only ones.

Pat Yasinskas predicts Rodgers will be one of the NFC South's most notable breakout players in 2012.

He’s an entirely different type of runner than the powerful Turner. Rodgers is about speed and elusiveness, and new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter will try to utilize those skills as he attempts to add more explosiveness to Atlanta’s attack.

Yasinskas also notes that Rodgers is basically the ideal screen pass running back. He's small, allowing him to hide behind the big uglies. He's shifty, allowing him to evade tacklers. He's got sweet dreads, allowing him to store ridiculously large reserves of pure, unadulterated mojo.

Look, I'm optimistic about the role he could play. But I do wonder if we're jumping the gun a bit. He averaged 3.6 yards/carry on 57 attempts last year. He pulled in just 21 passes, averaging 9 yards/reception. He was slightly less efficient than the league average last year. Then again, the sample size we're dealing with is ridiculously small, and he was arguably misused by Mularkey.

What do y'all think? Discuss!