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Difference Maker for the Falcons in 2012

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Fact: somewhere an Amazonian adventurer is missing his hat
Fact: somewhere an Amazonian adventurer is missing his hat

More often that not, when an NFL team has a successful season, there's a clear difference maker. Difference makers aren't always individual players. Sometimes it's a unit. Sometimes it's an intangible.

In my estimation, it's the offensive line. Sure, that's the easy answer, but I think it's on point. Unless they can give Ryan some time in the pocket, Julio won't progress and Roddy may regress. Unless they can execute their blocking schemes, our screen plays won't work. Unless they can keep Ryan off the ground, his happy feet will get happier.

Our pass rush is a close second in my opinion. The newly minted secondary will certainly help in that regard. And let's be honest, this is a passing league. Without sufficient pressure, we will remain winless in the playoffs, assuming we get there.

Now it's your turn. Who or what will be the difference maker this season? Cast your vote in the comments. Ready? Set? Go!