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Where The Falcons Pass Rush Will Come From

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Mike Nolan likes to talk about getting many players a handful of sacks. This sounds like inspiring rhetoric, but it makes a lot of sense. If guys are getting sacks from all over the field, you're probably keeping the other team off-balance.

The question is, will that actually happen? The Falcons have one premier pass rusher in John Abraham, a couple of high-motor options (Lawrence Sidbury and Jonathan Massaquoi), a guy who's somewhat of an enigma in Ray Edwards and Sean Weatherspoon at linebacker. Everybody else is a bit of a question mark, or at least they were in the old scheme under Brian Van Gorder.

So let's open this up for your consideration on a sleepy Sunday. Do you think the sacks will be mostly concentrated with guys like Abraham, as has been the case in the past? Or do you think Nolan's influence and scheming will result in the team having a fairly even distribution of quarterback kills?

For the record, I think the latter, though Abraham should still hit 8+. Your thoughts, please.