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Leave Matt Ryan Alone!

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Fact: Duece doesn't wear jorts - and neither should you
Fact: Duece doesn't wear jorts - and neither should you

Seriously. If you're lamenting our franchise QB, then cut it out. Uncle Joey it. Immediately. Why? Because haterade is a bitter drink. And your teeth are yellow.

Matt Ryan detractors are like those guys who wears jorts to the public pool. Yes jorts - the infamous and ill-conceived melange that is jean shorts. You look stupid. And you won't admit it.

CBSSports' Pete Prisco wrote an article about it.

Only five quarterbacks threw more touchdown passes than Ryan in 2011 when he threw 29. He also threw for a career-best 4,177 yards, but none of that mattered after his third playoff failure.

"I don't think about it too much," Ryan said this week when I asked him about the playoff failures. "My focus is to try to become a better player, doing the things I need to do. It's not about winning playoff games. It's about winning championships."

Goose bumps. Don't take this the wrong way; everyone is entitled to their opinion. But I get very frustrated when I hear Ryan's critics birch and loan about his deficiencies. All things considered, he played well last year. He overcame obstacles - a lackluster coordinator and offensive line - that many quarterbacks could not. You want intangibles? He has them! Leadership, toughness, and sheer determination to improve. He does it all.

Look, he's not Manning. Not even close. But there aren't many Mannings. Breesus and Brady are the only active QBs that come close.

Not sure what I'm getting at here. Really I just hope y'all realize how lucky we are. And if you don't, that's fine. Wear those jorts with pride.