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Michael Turner: No. 88 On NFL's Top 100 List

Michael Griffin looks like he's having a fun time here.
Michael Griffin looks like he's having a fun time here.

NFL Network currently has an ongoing series titled "The Top 100: Players of 2012." If you don't have this channel at home, will work just as well.

The first 20 players of the list have been revealed so far, and one Falcon can be found among these ranks. Michael Turner comes in at No. 88, which personally I find a bit low for the third-best rusher of 2011.

Turner's video features several interviews with players and some clips from the past season thrown in here and there. Tony G weighs in on his teammate during the segment, saying, "His legs are like tree trunks...the biggest thighs I've ever seen."

Not a bad description of The Burner. The general consensus around the league seems to be that he's a powerful back with deceptive speed. Of course we all know that from watching him rack up the yards here in Atlanta since 2008.

In 2011, though, Turner was ranked the No. 42 best player overall. I found it a bit odd that after rushing for just 31 yards and one touchdown less in 2011 than the season prior, somehow that causes him to fall 46 spots. Maybe it's because he's aging?

You can vote on whether you think each player on this list is overrated or underrated for their given number. At the moment Turner has 658 underrated votes and 318 overrated. Three of those underrated votes may or may not have come from me.

NFL players actually voted on these rankings (at least they tell us they did), so it's not just a compilation of biased fans picking favorite players.

Go ahead and watch the video, it's worth three minutes of your time. I think Turner deserves to be placed higher than No. 88, but that's just my opinion. What's yours?