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A Rare Opportunity For Rookies Approaches

UPDATE: The best resource for this rookie camp? That'd be this, courtesy of our good friend Jay Adams.

For rookies who will be practically fistfighting one another to make the final roster this year, opportunities are few and far between.

Yeah, coaches notice you at organized team activities and practices. Sure, you'll get a couple of snaps in pre-season games. And you'll have the chance to compete throughout the next few months. Still, standing out can be tricky.

That's why the rookie mini-camp that starts Friday is such a huge deal for guys like Michael Calvin and Charles Mitchell. For a few days, they'll get to work directly with coaches, and their only competition is a handful of draft picks and a bunch of UDFAs. It's the first and best chance to catch a coach's eye and earn an opportunity down the line to actually get in the games.

It's not gameday. I understand that the best thing you can possibly do is to perform well when the games (sort of) count, and obviously that's worked wonders for guys like Corey Peters and Cliff Matthews in the past. But opportunities are scarce. This one still counts.

Who do you think will shine early at the rookie mini-camp?