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What's Your Favorite Offensive Play?

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I love offense. I love crazy trick plays, I love explosive passing plays, etc. etc. So I thought I'd try something a little different for this post. What's your favorite play on offense? Is it a deep pass? Is it a grinding, rumbling Turner run at the goal line? Is it Fumblerooski?

My favorite play, well, my new favorite play, came last year. I can't remember which team it was against, but it we had a yard to go. It was 4th and 1, I believe. We tried to draw the defense offsides. Well, it wasn't enough to try and draw them offsides, we actually employed about 4 or 5 different shifts and motions all while Matty was yelling his brains out at the defense, only to yell "GO" to draw the defense offsides. The play worked perfectly, and it was possibly the best play in Mularkey's playbook. It looked probably something like this:



And there you have it, folks. That's probably my favorite offensive play. What's yours? It doesn't have to be from the Falcons or even from last year.