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Falcons Draft 2013: Our First Round Pick

Fact: Arthur Blank is protected by the secret service
Fact: Arthur Blank is protected by the secret service

Ridiculously early prediction post! Hooray!

I don't have ESPN Insider. But apparently McShay thinks we will focus on defense next spring.

The good news is none of the NFC South teams are projected to have top-10 picks. Perhaps anticipating huge seasons from Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Josh Freeman, McShay sees the NFC South teams going heavy on defense in next year’s first round.

Wouldn't mind that. You'd think Abe's replacement could be the pick. On the other hand, if we can't negotiate a long-term deal with Grimes, perhaps we add another corner. Personally, I think it makes more sense to lock down Grimes and focus on replacing Abe. No real rhyme or reason underlying that preference; really just a gut feeling.

Granted, given that we will have the last pick in the first round - Lombardi here we come! - it may make sense to trade down. How do you see us using next year's first rounder?