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Atlanta Falcons and the Community

Fact: Tony Gonzalez can fly
Fact: Tony Gonzalez can fly

Quick discussion post for y'all.

Some teams have an irrevocable and heartfelt connection to the community that surrounds them. I live in Milwaukee at the moment, and Milwaukeeans wholewheartedly support the Brewers. They are the team du jour, regardless of their actual performance on the field. It's hard to argue the same is true in Falconsland.

If we're winning, then it's easy to get on board. If we're not excelling, then support fades. And that's the state of the current fan base. Like it or not, that's how it is. One of our readers - the esteemed brotherbrown - recently raised the issue. He argued that Falcons fandom is finicky, and I'd have to agree. We expect a lot, and our expectations don't waver.

Look, we've been through a lot. There's no denying that. In any case, I'm not here to judge. If you won't accept anything less than a Lombardi, then I respect that. It's natural to expect the best. But ultimately, the question is whether we expect too much.

Comment early and often folks. Ready? Set? Go!