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Projection Time: Michael Turner In 2012

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The other day, we talked about why it might be unreasonable to think Michael Turner is in for a steep 2012 decline, or that he needs to be replaced. But how will he fare in 2012?

Personally, I think slicing off some of Turner's carries and prioritizing upgrades along the offensive line could make a huge difference. Turner's always been a bit of a boom-or-bust back in a given week, but better blocking and less wear-and-tear on those chronically achey legs can't hurt.

I think that 1,000+ yards is still almost a lock. I think double digit touchdowns are likely. More than a dozen catches is extremely unlikely, however. Thank goodness for Jacquizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling.

But let's hear from you. If you were to take the Falcons' off-season to this point and what you know about Turner, what do you expect his final stat line to be in 2012? Do you expect it to match 2011, surpass it or fall short?

So what I'm asking is, what's a reasonable expectation for Turner this season? It's your call to make.