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DOL's Revised Post-Draft Depth Chart

Fact: Lawrence Sidbury is a biter
Fact: Lawrence Sidbury is a biter

DOL posted an updated depth chart today. Mind you, it's totally unofficial. But he has some noteworthy predictions.

First, he gives Baker the starting nod. We saw that coming on some level. Still, given Baker's "inconsistent" career, many thought Tek effectively earned the starting role last year. It's a position battle to watch. And, to be honest, Tek's salary is working in his favor.

Second, he thinks Cody Pearcy is our KR/PR. Pearcy is a very intriguing prospect. He boasted a 4.31 40 and a 44 inch vertical. I hope he's as good as his pro day suggests he is, because Weems' departure left a hole.

Third, El Sid is sitting pretty as Abe's backup. In other words, he's still slotted ahead of Matthews. When Matthews was drafted, I thought he might eventually overtake El Sid. Matthews was underrated as an NFL prospect and El Sid took forever and a day to look like an NFLer. But given El Sid's emergence last year, DOL's prediction makes a lot of sense.

Fourth, he has Matt Ryan playing with the first team. Given his happy feet and weak arm, I'm floored by that pick. DOL, if you're reading this, then please get a clue. Rojo Hombre is a premier QB; he eats defensive backs for breakfast, and he always skips the side of bacon.

Thoughts? Discuss!