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Secondary Pass Rush

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William Moore showing off. He's allowed to.
William Moore showing off. He's allowed to.

Mike Nolan isn't instantly converting the Falcons into a 3-4 defense like the one he had in Miami, but he will bring some new schemes and packages to throw into the mix. PFF researched the topic of defensive backs rushing the passer, and one of Nolan's old players ranked towards the top.

Yeremiah Bell, who played strong safety in South Beach, went after opposing QBs on 60 snaps last year, ranking fifth among DBs.

Rank Name Team Pass Rush Snaps
1 Roman Harper NO 121
2 Charles Woodson GB 83
3 Eric Smith NYJ 70
4 Tyvon Branch OAK 62
5 Yeremiah Bell MIA 60
6 Darian Stewart STL 59
7 Bernard Pollard BAL 56
8 Adrian Wilson ARZ 52
9 Donald Strickland NYJ 48
10 Kyle Wilson NYJ 47

Kelvin Hayden was the only Falcon mentioned in any of the statistics shown. He's off in Chicago now, and of course Atlanta had a completely different midnset under BVG.

I'm curious to see, though, what kind of pressure Nolan will bring this year. William Moore is a stud in my book, and if he stays healthy he can be one of the best in the league.

Moore isn't afraid to lay the hit on someone, so I wouldn't mind seeing him sent on blitzes throughout the game. I don't need to tell you how bad our pass rush was in 2011, but I'm confident Nolan will change that.

Of course Roman Harper made the top of the list. But in 121 rush snaps he only put pressure on QBs 17 times, not exactly the best percentage there.

Just some interesting stats I figured I'd point out. Nothing too major here.