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The Versatility of Asante Samuel

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When the Falcons traded for Asante Samuel, speculation immediately began about where the cornerbacks would line up in Atlanta. After just one practice at OTAs we now have a potential blueprint of the Falcons intentions for Samuel, and they seem to be pretty confident in his talents.

As Caleb wrote the other day, No. 22 didn't take long to make his presence known at Flowery Branch. He had two picks in practice and appeared to love the spotlight.

However, this was not the only part of practice that stood out. The Falcons played him at right and left corner, and interviews later on proved this could be something we should get used to seeing.

"I have a preference," Samuel said. "I want to be on the left side. I'm a left corner but I'll do anything I can to help the team. This is a right-handed league and I want to be where the ball is coming."

Samuel clearly wants to be involved in the action as much as possible. Smitty was asked about this matter as well. He responded with, "I think you guys saw that he lined up on the left side and he lined up on the right side."

He continued by saying, "The thing that Asante allows us to do is it gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of how we want to line up our players. That's something that coach [new defensive coordinator Mike] Nolan and the staff have spent a lot of time discussing and something we'll look at very strongly, very closely through these next nine OTA's."

If the Falcons are willing to move Samuel around, this might imply their plans of matching him up with opponent's No. 1 receivers. Depending on how he performs throughout training camp, this is a definite possibility.

Of course it's way too early to set anything in stone, but the beginning of OTAs already brought some good insight. What do you guys make of all this?