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Falcons' Defensive End Rotation in 2012

Fact: sometimes Cliff Matthews gets stuck in awkward situations
Fact: sometimes Cliff Matthews gets stuck in awkward situations

I know the front office is trying to improve the DE rotation. They keep adding players. They talk the talk. They try to walk the walk. But let's be honest, the results haven't been there. Yet ...

Six DEs could crack the roster. To be honest, I'm not sure six will. Five is more than enough, even for a defense that's rotation-minded. At this point, Matthews could be the odd man out. Not sure how I feel about that. I always saw something in him. With the emergence of Sidbury and Biermann's relative consistency, it appears that we're set at one through four.

The fifth DE should have a special dimension. He needs to contribute something the other four don't. Massaquoi is that man. He's down to his 2010 weight. And if the weight loss helps him regain his 2010 speed, Nolan will find a way to use him. He's an aggressive, attacking, skillful pass rusher with a nose for the quarterback. The same can't be said about Matthews.

Matthews doesn't lack a motor. He's a great leader. What he lacks in ability, he makes up for with effort. But sometimes that isn't enough in the NFL. He could end up on the practice squad and [knocking on wood] if something were to happen, he'd be serviceable depth.

What are your impressions?