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Happy Memorial Day, Everyone

Today is a good day to remember.

On this Memorial Day, we'll all take a moment to remember those veterans we knew and still know who fought, those who fell and those who came home equally. OTAs start tomorrow and thus there will be plenty to talk about on the football front, but today I'm guessing none of us are really focusing on that. It's all about paying respect to the soldiers we all know.

But those memories are incomplete. To me and to all of you, our relatives, friends and classmates who went off to war were not purely defined by that. I'll remember the way my grandfathers used to watch football games with me most of all. So today I'll take the time to think about that in between housing a small nation's worth of cheeseburgers.

I also like to take the opportunity afforded to me by holidays to thank all of you for reading. The Falcoholic has come a long way in the nearly six (!) years I've been skippering it, and that's due solely to all of you. Many, many thanks.

So I hope you enjoy your day off, your cookouts and your beer. I also hope you take a little time to remember.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.