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The Falcons' Emphasis on Competition

Fact: the Falcons are excited about their depth - and you should be too
Fact: the Falcons are excited about their depth - and you should be too

Our depth isn't ideal in some spots. Safety, quarterback, and tight end come to mind. But for the most part, The Comrade has emphasized depth. With depth comes competition. And with competition comes progression. Stated simply, the Falcons brass believes in competitive development. They understand that players get better when they're forced to compete.

Here are five examples:

Running Back

Our running back stable is formidable to say the least. Say what you want about Snelling, he excels when he's given the opportunity. We're just starting to see what Quizz is capable of. And Old Reliable - thunder thighs and all - is still an intimidating player.


Probably the most intriguing camp battle in my estimation. Konz is the favorite at this point, but Johnson and Manuwai won't make it easy on him.


Our nickel would be an upgrade for a lot of NFL teams. And Owens/Franks have considerable upside. Enough said.

Defensive End

Edwards hasn't played as well as we would like him to. Heck, as a whole, the unit has underachieved. But the talent is there. Maybe you won't admit it, but Biermann and Sidbury are fairly talented as backups go.

Defensive Tackle

Babs, Walker, Peters, and [insert gulping noise] Jerry. Jerry's a huge disappointment, but the depth is there.

I won't lie, I'm expecting some of you to fire back. Maybe you don't think we have depth at these positions. But keep in mind, this isn't major league baseball. We have to live within the confines of the salary cap.