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Pat Hill Can Make or Break the Falcons

Fact: McClure is literally twice the size of that cheerleader
Fact: McClure is literally twice the size of that cheerleader

Pat Hill's significance cannot be understated. The Falcons' season-ending loss to the Giants made that clear. Granted, Paul Boudreau was the offensive line coach at the time. But when we couldn't muster a first down on two critical fourth-and-shorts, his figurative ticket was effectively punched.

You often hear football gurus discuss the importance of offensive line play. It really is the most important unit on a football team. Unless your quarterback is built like a linebacker/can run a 4.1 40, your offense won't function. Needless to say, our offense will function better if Hill can get the offensive line back on track.

Andrew "President" Jackson raved about Hill. He was a division one head coach for a long time. And from all accounts, he's a great teacher. But the proof is in the pudding.

Much of Hill's fate is not in his hands. Coaches aren't always responsible for how their players play the game. If our offensive line thrives, Hill may or may not receive the credit he would likely deserve. If they struggle, he will undoubtedly get overlooked. Best case scenario, Clabo gets back on track, Konz thrives during his rookie campaign, McClure doesn't regress, Blaylock continues his progression, and Baker doesn't resemble a pee wee bench warmer. Worst case scenario, Ryan keeps getting hit and his happy feet become a YouTube sensation.