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NFL Owners Approve Modified Injured Reserve Rule

Fact: Rich McKay does not belong to the Hair Club for Men
Fact: Rich McKay does not belong to the Hair Club for Men

Assuming the Player's Union approves, we have a new IR rule! It's like Christmas in May - except there's no yelling and hard liquor.

Believe it or not, owners meet in the off-season. They talk about stuff. The new icee flavor at McDonald's, Rich McKay's obsession with The Hunger Games, the Glee season finale; no topic is off limits. And apparently the IR rule was the subject du jour.

Under the current rule, if a player is placed on IR, his season is done. Under the new rule:

  • a player can spend 8 weeks on IR, then rejoin his team
  • the player has to be on the 53 man roster after the final pre-season cut
  • the player can't practice with the team for 6 of the 8 weeks
  • it can only be one player - he will be known as the "marquee player"

It's a playing rule, so it won't go into effect without Player Union approval. I doubt they won't approve. Practically speaking, this benefits teams and their individual players. Sure, if you're deemed the "marquee player," then maybe you feel some pressure to come back. If you're not ready, then maybe that's a bad call. But this is the NFL. More often than not, season-ending injuries don't help your career.