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How Much Should We Worry About The Buccaneers?

The hopes and dreams of Bucs fans in 2012 may ride on this guy.
The hopes and dreams of Bucs fans in 2012 may ride on this guy.

In the spirit of bringing rival fans over to verbally abuse us (I'm kidding), I figured I'd follow Dave's post up with one about the good old Bucs. Perhaps the biggest free agent movers in the offseason, the Bucs went out and signed WR Vincent Jackson and OG Carl Nicks, two very stellar players.

Rather than drafting Morris Claiborne - perhaps the best overall athlete - in the draft, the Bucs opted to trade back and draft safety Mark Barron with their first pick, a move that left many scratching their heads. The Bucs had a down year last year, but don't forget that in 2010 they won 10 games.

Josh Freeman is somewhat of an enigmatic QB. He was pretty solid in 2010, but was among the lower ranks of QBs in 2011. They figure to change that in 2012, since they, too, did a coaching overhaul.

I think the Bucs could be a force to be reckoned with this year if everything falls into place for them. That isn't likely to happen, especially with the upstart Panthers looking to ruin some peoples' Sundays. I think they'll improve slightly, winning as much as 8 games or as little as 5 games.

What do you think?