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The 2012 Atlanta Falcons Red Zone Threats

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The Atlanta Falcons should have myriad options when they get into the red zone in 2012.

What I'm interested in hearing for this afternoon's discussion-based post is who you think will be the team's best options when they get inside the 20. My guess is that a handful of players will hog most of the opportunities, even with a talented set of offensive options.

Personally, I see Matt Ryan's top read being Julio Jones, for obvious reasons. With another year of work and the confidence that comes with it, the tall, strong and crazy-leaping second-year pro should be the team's best red zone option.

The two after that? Also receiving options. Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez, both wily veterans and guys who have a history of success in the red zone.

Michael Turner will still get his touchdowns, obviously, but I think the Falcons will look to pass first unless they're only a yard or two away. They have the weapons and they damn well better be looking to use them.

So name your best guess for the three guys who are going to find the end zone the most often in 2012. Go!