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Chris Owens Versus Darrin Walls In A Battle To The Roster Spot

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I'm blatantly piggybacking off of my earlier post. In the business world, they call that synergy.

The Atlanta Falcons have roster spots for five cornerbacks, and have at least six quality corners competing for those roster slots. Dunta Robinson, Brent Grimes and Asante Samuel are the easy picks for one through three, and as I mentioned earlier, I think Dominique Franks' combination of decent size, ability and special teams value will more or less lock him in as the fourth guy.

Barring a surprising UDFA type, that leaves Chris Owens versus Darrin Walls. Owens would appear to have the advantage here, given that he's been with the Falcons for years now, has contributed before and can do a little bit of everything. He'd be nice veteran insurance for a Falcons team that will roll out a lot of defensive packages featuring extra defensive backs.

Then there's Walls. The 6 foot corner has an intriguing mix of athleticism and ballhawking skills, which he got to flash in limited snaps in 2011. He's got enough potential to make him a candidate to climb the depth chart down the line, but he's probably not as adept a corner as Owens in the here and now. Given his size, he could also potentially get a little time as a fifth safety, so that versatility could help him out.

Who do you think wins this particular battle, Owens or Walls?