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Falcons Players On The Bubble This Summer

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As I see it, there's a handful of players who are definitely on the roster bubble now, about a month before any of them will actually get the axe or even have a chance to practice. Life's unfair like that.

It's simple mathematics. The Falcons can only carry so many players on their roster, have brought in some young talent and have a handful of players who have developed slowly or not at all over the last several years. These players may not be cut, but let's just say I would be far from surprised if all of them were gone by the time the season rolls around.

After the jump, the players that jump most readily to mind.

  • Robert James. Let's see: He's 28 years old and turning 29 at the end of the year, has been with the team for three years and has never gotten a tackle and has been suspended once for PED usage. I can't see a scenario in which he makes the final roster.
  • John Parker Wilson. I have a feeling he's going to make the roster, possibly even as a backup quarterback, but I recognize that's an unpopular opinion. If he can't beat out Chris Redman, the team may well finally cut ties with him.
  • Chris Owens/Darrin Walls. Whoever loses out on this particular camp battle is gone. The Falcons have their top three cornerbacks locked in, Dominique Franks has upside and is a special teams asset and the Falcons will only carry five guys. Owens has more experience and Walls is an intriguing prospect, but there's just not enough room for both of them.
  • Antone Smith. Not an option at returner, as far as we know, and the clear fourth back on a team that may or may not choose to carry four. I think he's probably gone.

What say you?