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Ovie Mughelli Isn't Going Anywhere! Seriously! No Really! He Isn't!

Fact: Ovie is the man
Fact: Ovie is the man

I'm a worthless homer. But from time to time, I like to play devil's advocate. Ya know, espouse a less-than-popular viewpoint and run with it.

Bradie Ewing is the future, but Ovie Mughelli is and will be our FB until the 2012-2013 season concludes.

Look, I'm excited about what Ewing will eventually bring to the table. He's a talented run blocker and - contrary to popular opinion - he was a smart pick in the 5th round. Meanwhile, Ovie is still a Falcon. I'll repeat that, because it needs to be repeated: he is still a Falcon. Sure, he's a 3.7 million dollar cap hit. And that sucks. But if the Falcons are going in a different direction, then what are they waiting for?

I don't think Ovie's retirement is imminent. He's only 31 and - by most accounts - he could play in 2012-2013. When healthy, he's a top three FB. It's easy to give Michael Turner credit. What about Ovie though? If I'm Dimitroff, then I cut him lickidy split. It's the ethical thing to do, because it gives him an opportunity to latch on with another team.

There are reasons Ovie is still a Falcon. First, it's risky to hand everything over to Ewing. Second, Ovie is really good when healthy. Third, The Comrade like's Ovie's laugh; it's contagious.