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So We Have A Guy Named Chad Faulcon

Man, when I saw this guy's name, I thought to myself, "Are you kidding me?"

Immediately my first thought was that this would be another Bear Woods. We would be enamored with this guy in name first rather than ability.

Well, here. Look for yourself. Now, as an NFL scout, it's probably harder than heck to decipher a Division 3 talent because, well, their competition is minimal.

So, to do a little breakdown of Faulcon's tape, here are some pros and cons.


  • This guy is afraid of no one. He goes at full speed and will deliver a hit.
  • Good tackling mechanics. Wrapped up in most of his highlight tackles. Had several ankle tackles that some NFL players wouldn't be able to make.
  • Great DB size. 6'1" 200 is solid. Ed Reed is 5'11" 200 and Polamalu is 5'10" 207 so he's right there in that similar build as a good NFL safety.
  • Good speed. Claims a 4.4 40 though he doesn't look very fast until you see him close in on someone. He has some fantastic closing speed and showed it on the highlights.
  • One thing most people won't recognize is that he was the single deep safety on a lot of looks. That means the coaches trusted the heck out of him to not screw anything up. He also played in a couple DB positions as well.
  • Played on a nationally ranked D-III team (In their little polls). They were as high as #9 in Week 7. Finished unranked, but with votes. They were #24 going into the final week.
  • Played in D-III, which does not offer athletic scholarships, so he played purely for the love of the game.

  • Immediately you have to question the level of competition. He has some of the measurables you look for. I have heard D-III is nothing more than glorified high school football.
  • In addition to the level of competition, his school was not dominant in what is already a talent-starved division.
  • His hands looked a little iffy (The camerawork sucked and I can say that as a broadcasting student) but he did have 3 INTs last year so he can definitely catch the ball if needed. Would've liked to have seen him stay up on the one wide open INT he had where he slid/fell down trying to secure the catch.
  • Hard to find things on what he didn't do well to potentially correct his issues.
  • Strength not as impressive as some. Only posted 15 reps on the bench press, however DBs were drafted that did 19 reps so it's not a huge deal. He'll get his strength up if he sticks.
As you can see, the only real downside to Faulcon is that the level of competition he faced is nowhere near what he'll see at the NFL level. Julio is faster than him and much bigger than him, but he does have potential. He's not totally outclassed athletically and he doesn't need to bulk up much, if at all, to be effective. If he can get the mental part of the game down, he could very well make the roster in an emergency safety role with special teams duty.

I'm not sold on that we'll keep Schillinger and we drafted a strong safety late in the draft, which means nothing. Faulcon could be the backup free safety behind DeCoud and get extensive special teams work while he gets a little stronger and smarter with the game. It's unlikely he'll have a major impact with the team, but how in the heck could you not root for a guy named Faulcon to make it on the Falcons?

Your thoughts?