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The Atlanta Falcons Practice Squad Guessing Game

The Atlanta Falcons have signed 22 players to their practice squad. That's not an insignificant total.

If we're insanely lucky, one or two of those guys might be productive enough to make the active roster in 2012. Another handful could wind up on the team's practice squad, where they'd have a little time to marinate in the rich BBQ sauce of Falcons coaching. Terrible metaphor, I know, but I really want ribs.

There's a considerable amount of talent available amongst those UDFAs, and the Falcons unfortunately won't be able to keep all of it. Instead, I think they'll look to cover their bases at a wide number of positions, while giving talented young players a chance to shine.

Ultimately, I think every draft pick but Travian Robertson makes the final roster. I think the practice squad will mostly be comprised of free agents from this season, with a couple of holdovers from a year ago. Tommy Gallarda will, I believe, be promoted to the active roster as the team's third tight end.

Naturally, these are all irresponsibly early predictions, but I find it's fun to look like a fool down the line.

Here's a crack at it:

TE Lamark Brown
S Chad Faulcon
WR Drew Davis
LB Matt Hansen
OT Bryce Harris
LS Josh Harris
DE Louis Nzegwu
DT Travian Robertson

Let me know yours.