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Falcons Quote of the Day: Babineuax Had 2nd Best DT Performance of 2011

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Fact: Babs likes skim milk with his offensive lineman flakes
Fact: Babs likes skim milk with his offensive lineman flakes

Pro Football Focus released their 2011's Best Performances: Defensive Tackles list this week. It's no surprise that Babineaux's week 11 performance ranked this high.

2. Jonathan Babineaux, Atlanta Falcons: Week 11 vs. Tennessee (+7.2)

Over the past few years there haven’t been many defensive tackles better at getting up field than Babineaux. Tennessee found this out the hard way as the Falcon picked up four pressures and a hit to go with a batted pass and two tackles for loss in the run game. He even managed to draw a penalty as the Titans’ interior was at a virtual loss about how to stop him.

It's nice to see Babs on this list. He only represents a 6 million dollar cap hit, and his contract expires in 2013. He's 30 now. He will be 32 when the 2014 season starts. If he doesn't regress too much, we may give him the Abe treatment. Interestingly, Babs isn't the typical Falcon. He's had some "character" issues. Luckily the team stuck with him. In turn, he's rewarded their patience with consistent, above-average performance.