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Falcons Quote of the Day: Falcons' Front Office

Fact: Mike Smith loves disco
Fact: Mike Smith loves disco

Mixed opinions abound about Thomas Dimitroff's tenure as GM. For superficial and ill-informed reasons whatever reason, not every Falcons fan is convinced. But apparently CBSSports' Josh Kaztzowitz is. He ranked our front office 6th best.

6. Falcons: Much like the Saints, Atlanta has never had a sustained period of success. Until, that is, the past four years. While I've always believed owner Arthur Blank wants badly to put a winner on the field, he really nailed it by hiring Thomas Dimitroff as general manager and Mike Smith as coach. While the duo's first draft pick, Matt Ryan, still isn't a top-five quarterback, the Falcons have drafted well (with the big-time exception of Peria Jerry) and have led the organization to playoff appearances in three of the last four seasons. Considering Atlanta had never gone to the postseason in back to back seasons before Dimitroff and Smith arrived, it's clear the Falcons are experiencing the best of times now.

And alas, good-to-great will never be enough for some people. I respect that. For some fans, anything less than a Lombardi is unacceptable. I personally disagree with that premise. While the ultimate goal is a Super Bowl victory, there's no formula that ensures it. It's not a matter of doing x and y and z. It's an inexact science. Heck, it's an art in many ways. It requires creativity, dedication, tone-setting, and emphasis on character.

Not sure if y'all play golf, but in many ways, it's like the ever-elusive hole-in-one. If you have the right club, swing, approach, terrain, hole, and weather conditions, it can happen. If you play long enough, it may happen. Maybe. If you're lucky.

All in all, I truly believe this FO is doing everything it can to set us up for the hole-in-one. Feel free to disagree.