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Taking Wagers On The End Of The Drew Brees Holdout

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Just a little friendly wagering for your Thursday afternoon, with no actual prizes involved. Crazy, I know.

I'm curious to see when you think Drew Brees' epic holdout will end. The Saints aren't willing to give him $25+ million a year and Brees, despite his stated interest in not having this drag out, isn't willing to accept a whole hell of a lot less than that. That's led to a standoff that doesn't seem close to resolving itself.

Given that the two sides remain far apart and Drew Brees just raised the gray flag of criticism once more, I'll say this one pushes right up against the July deadline. It's in both parties' best interests to get it done, but there's plenty of posturing left to do.

If nothing else, surely we can enjoy the fact that this is not in any way helping the hated Saints? They'll still be a good team in 2012, so it's worth soaking this in while it lasts.

What say you?