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Expect A Big Season From William Moore

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Earlier this off-season, I speculated that this might be William Moore's finest season in the NFL to-date. He's in a contract year, he has loads of physical ability and it's not like anyone is breathing down his neck for a starting job.

Now he's getting a vote of confidence from one of the most important people he possibly can: Secondary coach Tim Lewis. The third-year coach thinks Moore is due for a big season in Nolan's scheme, what with his ability to hit like a train, rush the passer and pick passes:

"He looks good right now this offseason," Lewis said. "He’s ready to roll. He’s learning a new system, as we all are. I think it’s going to benefit him. This system will aid William. You’ll see him more often that you have in the past."

Moore's the kind of player every defensive coordinator would like at strong safety. The key for him this season will be to stay healthy and embrace the philosophy changes that are certainly coming, and I imagine he will. Remember that he has all the incentive in the world to, given that this is a contract year, he's got even more than the usual number of reasons to prove he's an excellent safety.

Also interesting? How much direction Thomas DeCoud apparently gives the rest of the defense. Lewis said that DeCoud is instrumental in getting the D lined up on most plays, which lends a little more clarity to why the Falcons consider him so valuable. Team leader who picks passes? Okay then.

What do you expect from the safety duo this season?