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The Falcons Continue To Build A Culture

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I found this little quote at the end of D. Orlando Ledbetter's article about Peter Konz fairly illuminating. Allow me to share it:

"We are very good friends," Konz said of Ewing. "We’re very religious people. Guys who like to try to do the right thing and be team leaders. Bradie and I know each other very well."

This is more or less a throwaway line for a story about rookie mini-camp, because of course Konz and Bradie Ewing know one another. They were teammates at Wisconsin. But it's also worth noting that once again, the Falcons have gone out of their way to draft guys who are considered high-character.

We've already heard from a friend of Lamar Holmes about his work ethic and clean nose. Charles Mitchell was a team leader, according to most of the scouting reports I've read. And now Konz is casually talking up how he and Ewing plan to be team leaders. Oh, you know, no big deal.

It's not a given that every single pick the Falcons make will be a guy who fits the team's hard-working, low-profile culture. But it's clear that the Falcons haven't abandoned the character issue as a factor on their draft boards, and I don't think they will.

The advantages of that kind of culture are mostly in the public relations vein, in my mind, but there's something to be said for a team full of dudes who want to be good and can limit the clashes.

How much does team culture matter to you?