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Falcons Bring Aboard Three Rookies From Tryouts

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It's always a little inspiring to see guys who weren't even UDFAs but tryout players get a shot to go a little further. The Falcons brought aboard three such players yesterday.

The first is tight end Aron White of Georgia. A backup for Orson Charles, White was a decent blocker and a surprisingly adept red zone threat given his lack of overall receptions. He'll compete to win at least a practice squad spot on a roster not exactly rolling in quality tight ends.

The second is fullback Lee Meisner, who is somewhat of a two-way player given his reputation for defense in college. Fullback isn't exactly a position the Falcons are hurting for even with Ovie Mughelli gone, given that they have Bradie Ewing, Jason Snelling and Mike Cox, but Meisner may get a look at other positions as well.

Last but not least is wide receiver Kenny Stafford, who you may remember from Alex's write-up yesterday. At 6'4", 204 pounds, the Toledo product didn't have much in the way of college production but has that nice combination of size and speed the Falcons have been so fond of bringing to camp in recent years. He'll try to beat out guys like Michael Calvin, Kevin Cone, Drew Davis and James Rodgers.

The team also waived rookie defensive tackle Ray Kibble, who had 5.5 sacks his senior year at Kansas State. He must not have impressed early.

Thoughts on these signings?