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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Smitty Concludes Rookie Mini Camp

Fact: Smitty should wear this hat more often
Fact: Smitty should wear this hat more often

Rookie mini camp officially concluded today. And from all accounts, it was a success. Mike Smith spoke to reporters after the final practice. He had this to say:

I enjoyed it. We got an opportunity to spend some time with these guys in a slower pace [environment]. I enjoyed it and I think the guys did as well.

Probably the negative is that you don't get an opportunity to compare them to the guys who are already on the roster.

The tryouts were just through this weekend. We'll make some decisions ... some roster moves in the next day or two.

The rookie mini camp was a first of its kind. Under the now-defunct collective bargaining agreement, veterans were required to participate in post-draft mini camps. Now we can't force them to practice until mid-summer. It does sound like cuts will come quickly, and I'm all for that. Quite a few UDFAs participated, but let's be honest, maybe 5 of these guys see the field this year.

Discuss your impressions. Ready? Set? Go!