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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Falcons Want Slimmer Massaquoi

Fact: Jonathan Massaquoi is gonna getcha
Fact: Jonathan Massaquoi is gonna getcha

Jonathan Massaquoi is a quintessential tweener. He could play end or backer in the NFL. According to this article, the Falcons would prefer Massaquoi-Lite. Does that mean he be the Falcons' first 3-4 backer?

Coach Mike Smith said Saturday the Atlanta Falcons were looking for the lighter version of Massaquoi when they selected the defensive end in the fifth round of last month’s NFL draft.

"We felt that looking at him as a junior and then looking at his senior tape he looked to be heavier as a senior," Smith said after Saturday’s practice. "He played a little bit lighter as a junior when he had more production. His weight is down and he looks a lot leaner than he did as a senior."

Look, we're only talking about 15 pounds here. But at this level, 15 pounds matters. Being that much lighter on your feet could be the difference between reaching the QB or not. Biermann weighs 255 pounds. Abe weighs 263 pounds. Sidbury weighs 261 pounds. Edwards and Matthews weigh 268 pounds. The Falcons want Massaquoi to weigh 260 pounds. Basically they want him to fit their DE mold. And if the above-cited article is accurate, it doesn't look like he will play much backer, if any at all.

What do y'all think? Discuss!