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Greg Cosell Nails Matt Ryan's Most Untold Weakness

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If you do anything today, please read this article at some point. It's a fantastic article about both Michael Vick and Matt Ryan. At first glance, it's easy to see why he picked both of those men, but Cosell doesn't really draw a comparison to either player.

One of Matty's biggest weaknesses is that his pocket mobility is iffy at times. He hasn't learned to shuffle in the pocket like players such as Brady and Manning, who cannot possibly be any more mobile than Matty is. I watch some of those guys make people miss them in the pocket, almost inexplicably.

One of my favorite plays from last season was this TD pass to Snelling, where Matty made a very awesome dodge to escape a Saints defender and then proceeded to quickly toss the ball to Snelling, who then made one of the better efforts that was displayed at any point for any team last year.

However, I feel like that was more of an exception to the rule rather than the standard. Matty tends to freak out a little when the pocket melts around him, whereas more experienced QBs tend to not freak out quite as much. That being said, he was hit so many times last year I can't say I blame him for being sad when his OL failed to protect him.

I think it's a very interesting read, and it's a very interesting topic. Do you think Matty needs to calm down in the pocket when pressure arrives? Or is he already ice cold in that department?