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Falcons Quote of the Day: Falcons Aren't Taking Deuce's Safety Lightly

Fact: Matt Ryan's new nickname is AWESOME
Fact: Matt Ryan's new nickname is AWESOME

Maybe I'm out of the loop. Or maybe Matt Ryan has a new nickname.

"We need to make sure we have the right people protecting 'Deuce,' (Ryan) as well as helping in short-yardage runs," general manager Thomas Dimitroff told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This article discusses the addition of Konz, Holmes, and Ewing. In Marc Sessier's opinion, Dimitroff did all he could to protect his franchise quarterback going forward. And let's be honest, our offensive front needed something.

One reason for back-to-back O-line picks: Ryan was sacked 26 times in 2011, but it was the 84 hits on the quarterback -- seventh most in the league -- that has the organization concerned.

Sure, the addition of Holmes was a headscratcher. But watch him flourish, then we will all sing The Comrade's praises. Sessier is spot on regarding the QB hits. The 26 sacks - a 5.1 percent adjusted sack rate - weren't all that bad. That was the 7th best adjusted sack rate in the league. As for the hits, maybe that's an indication that Ryan is maturing. He's obviously understands how to avoid pass rushers and get rid of the ball. Without that skill, our adjusted sack rate could be much worse.