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Falcons Quote(s) of the Day: Falcons Already Looking for Another Safety

I posted last week about Mike Nolan's likely implementation of a hybrid nickel formation this year. Contrary to popular belief, THE BIG NICKEL is not a macarena-like dance that Dave does while grating garlic, though he does love his garlic!

Basically it's a defensive package where the fifth defensive back is a safety. Usually it's a strong safety. That third safety ideally brings an effective combination of size, power, and speed.

As is often the case, it turns out I was onto something. Per the AJC:

Madieu Williams is deciding to accept an offer from either the Falcons or the Washington Redskins ...

Williams, who was a second-round pick back in 2004 (56th overall) out of Maryland by the Cincinnati Bengals, has started 86 games and has 12 career interceptions.

Williams isn't a true strong safety. He played strong safety for the 49ers last year, but he's not all that big (about 6'1 and 205 lbs) and the transition is probably age-related.

Not sure how I'd feel about the signing. In case you've been missing in action lately, both Kelvin Hayden and James Sanders signed with other teams. I do feel like there are other, more viable options out there. At the same time, I trust the FO to move forward intelligently. How about y'all?