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The Prototypical Atlanta Falcons Prospect

If you could build a perfect prospect from spare parts, one designed to make the Atlanta Falcons front office fall in love, what would that prospect look like?

Well, he'd probably be from a smaller school. He'll be a senior with a good head on his shoulders and a lot of intangibles. He'll be somewhat underrated by draft experts. He'll probably be an inch short or a pound light, but will make up for it with a stellar record of production. He'll definitely play special teams and love doing it. Comrade Dimitroff also prefers dedicated Communists, of course.

In general, the prototypical Falcons prospect will be a culture fit and a system fit. Once you drill down past the first couple of rounds, where the Falcons traded up last year for a junior wide receiver of imposing size and power, the Falcons are really looking for those specific players. It doesn't matter a damn to them if Mel Kiper doesn't understand why Corey Peters is going so early, because the front office perceives him as an excellent fit. At times this approach yields real misses, but it also gets players who are ready to contribute almost immediately. You know, like Curtis Lofton, Kroy Biermann, etc.

If you could build the prototypical Falcons prospects, what would he look like?