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Blank Appears Confident With Current Direction

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Pat Yasinskas has shed some light on Arthur Blank's feelings about the Falcons going forward. Earlier he posted an article that went into some detail about our owner's take on the offseason so far.

Hear are some key points from Blank: "I feel good about where we are...I know we didn't make a big splash going into free agency. But that really wasn't our intention going into this year. We really felt we had a lot of talent. We were fortunate that we had the opportunity to bring in the two new coordinators and a few other coaches. At some points, it's not even a matter of if the contents are correct. Sometimes, it's a matter of who is delivering the message and whether the players are hearing it or not.''

He seems to believe that the Falcons are well structured throughout at this point. I think we can all agree there is a fair amount of talent on this roster, but it has exactly been utilized to its full potential in prior years.

More from Blank: "I went back and studied this over a long period of time in the NFL and studied the great teams...Consistency is very important in terms of leadership with coaches and players. The great teams, what they have done is they've kept their head coaches for a longer period of time, kept their general managers for a longer period of time and they identified early enough their core players and they extended them. The football staff has done a great job of identifying the players that can help us and keep them.''

A few fans/writers have brought up comparisons to the Pittsburgh Steelers as a team Atlanta is attempting to emulate. Pittsburgh has always been a franchise that values consistency, a word often referenced when discussing the Falcons needs. We were extremely up and down in 2011, a point Yasinskas notes in this latest piece.

Blank trusts Smitty and TD, and why shouldn't he? They've brought about an entirely new era in this team's history: success. All of us would love to see them sign highly coveted free agents left and right, but that's not the route the Falcons are going to take. They have the players and now coaches in place that they feel can get the job done.

Obviously expectations are getting higher every year, and even Blank said simply getting to the playoffs isn't cutting it anymore. This organization is confident in the current regime, so we can only hope the new moves they have made pay off. Let's at least give them some time to prove themselves before we pull out the pitchforks and torches.