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The Third Round Should Hold Plenty Of Value

In a particularly deep draft, a lot of value settles into the third round. What do I mean by that? Simple.

In 2012, the draft had plenty of good prospects but very few elite ones. That means the first round this year will be full of teams grabbing players who are, perhaps, a cut below the last couple of drafts. If the Falcons were not going to have a first round pick, they chose a good year for it.

The second round is where Thomas Dimitroff thrives, but the third round is sort of the sweet spot of talent and value. In a deep draft like 2012, there should be a wealth of quality players on both sides of the ball.

So let's discuss who you think the team will end up with in the third round among the many promising prospects they'll have to look at.

Who do you think the Falcons will take?