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Moves The Falcons Might Make: Signing Amobi Okoye

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There's only a handful of free agents out there I could see the Falcons having an interest in. Amobi Okoye is one of them.

The defensive tackle was picked in front of Jamaal Anderson back in 2007, and both players turned out to be incredible busts through their first three seasons. Amobi Okoye turned a promising rookie season—5.5 sacks!—into two terrible years with the Texans, followed by a decent one. After going to the Bears in 2011, he wound up with four sacks as a rotational defensive end.

Still just 24 years old, Okoye still has potential and is a perfectly solid pass-rushing defensive tackle in a good rotation. He wouldn't be enormously expensive and he's basically what Peria Jerry should be, a disruptive tackle who can quality snaps and make a difference. He's also younger than Jerry.

Would he replace him, if signed? No. I don't think Jerry's going anywhere in 2012. But if you could add a still-promising defensive tackle with some pass-rushing chops to the rotation for a relatively cheap price, avoiding spending a draft pick that you could use at other positions on him, wouldn't you do it? This is a question the Falcons have to ask themselves as they plow ahead.

They'll have plenty of competition, as Okoye has been linked to a half-dozen other teams. But I think he'd be a signing that would fit the budget and a need at the same time.

Do you agree?