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The NFL Draft First Overall Pick Question

In the grand scheme of things, who goes first to the Indianapolis Colts won't matter a whole heck of a lot.

After all, the Colts aren't playing the Falcons this year. Whoever the Redskins get at #2 will be under center when that team plays the Falcons, yes,but not multiple times per season or anything.

As a football fan, though, it's interesting to see two potentially elite quarterbacks going 1-2 in the draft, as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin surely will. It's interesting to debate which one will wind up having the better career, what will happen to these teams depending on who they draft and which one is going to go first.

I'll kick off our discussion by noting that I think Luck is a virtual shoo-in for the first overall pick. I do expect both quarterbacks to be very good, but Luck won't be surrounded by quite as much dysfunction, even if his team is unlikely to be good in 2012.

So who do you think it will be: Luck or Griffin?